Upcoming Screenings

This film was released in the UK in December 2012. Any occasional screenings will still be posted here, but your best bet at this point is one of the following:

Wednesday 23 April

Falkirk – Hippodrome Bo'Ness

Thursday 24 April

Stirling – Macrobert Arts Centre

Saturday 26 April

Musselburgh – The Brunton

Tuesday 06 May

Gosport – Gosport Methodist Church Hall – Popup Cinema Screening

Swansea – Taliesin Arts Centre – Popup Cinema Screening

Friday 16 May

Sheffield – Sheffield University Students' Union Cinema

Wednesday 28 May

Gorran Haven – Gorran Haven Village Hall – Popup Cinema Screening

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Chasing Ice


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To celebrated the return of @SundanceFestUK to London, Chasing Ice DVD/Blu is now on sale in the @Dogwoof shop: dogwoof.org/1hDvC3y 2 weeks ago · reply · retweet · favorite

RT @Gelio2466: Finally got round to watching #Chasingice. A beautiful, terrifying portrayal of the impact we're having on the world around us. last month · reply · retweet · favorite

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  • "You've never seen images like this before.. It deserves to be seen and felt on the big screen" – Robert Redford
  • "A magical, yet horrifying film which both astounds and enlightens in equal measure." 5Cine Vue
  • "If any film can convert the climate-change sceptics, Chasing Ice would be it: here, seeing really is believing." 4The Guardian
  • "This Oscar-shortlisted picture is starkly beautiful, alarming and important." 4The Times
  • "The term ‘game changer’ barely does the film justice, and the big screen is just the place to see it in all its ominous splendour. " 4Time Out
  • "Visually spectacular montages of ice floes receding that will make you gasp and move you to tears." 4Total Film
  • "Chasing Ice is an incredibly fascinating documentary. This is not to be missed. " 4View London
  • "A project of heroic, Herzogian endeavour." 4The Financial Times
  • "This Oscar-shortlisted picture is starkly beautiful, alarming and important. " 4The Sunday Times
  • "The results are sensational in their beauty, terror and the irrefutable evidence they provide " – The Observer

The Co-operative presents Chasing Ice, as part of our ongoing commitment to combat climate change. Find out more about our campaign for a clean energy revolution at: http://www.co-operative.coop/cleanenergy